Managing assets for a diverse investor base across the globe.

Systematica has a number of diverse strategies and an impressive list of institutional clients, Systematica has become a household name in quantitative investing.

  • “Big enough to matter.
    Small enough to care.”

    Leda Braga, CEO, Systematica Investments
  • “[Leda] Braga’s hedge fund firm appears to be
    going from strength to strength.”

    Financial News, October 2020
  • "We strive for a culture of intellectual honesty. There’s no seniority when it comes to challenging each other’s comments and views."
    Institutional Investor, July 2020
Our Culture Defines Us

The pursuit of excellence permeates all of Systematica’s activities.

  • Trend Following

  • Macro & Relative Value

  • Multi Strategy

  • Equity Market Neutral

  • Customised Solutions

Trend Following

Almost two decades of experience in trend following which we deploy across futures, alternative markets and region specific (China) strategies using new and innovative approaches to identifying and capturing market trends.

Macro & Relative Value

Systematic strategies that seek to profit from dislocations and relative value opportunities while maintaining overall market neutrality. Specific strategies focus on non-trend macro strategies and volatility relative value.

Multi Strategy

Multi strategy mandates combining our experience across trend-following, relative value and equity market neutral.

Equity Market Neutral

A wide range of systematic liquid multi strategies seeking to provide exposure to different asset classes across global markets, including equity market neutral, macro and trend following.

Customised Solutions

Customised mandates with bespoke strategies drawing on our skills across multiple domains to address specific client preferences and needs.

A truly global and diverse firm

Global presence with offices in Jersey, London, Geneva, New York, Singapore and Shanghai.

Global investor base with clients in North America, United Kingdom, Europe, Middle East and Asia.