Commitment to Responsible Investing & Diversity


As part of one of the SBAI original founding organisations in 2006 and as a board member since 2019, our CEO, Leda Braga, has been engaged in creating and promoting standards of good governance, transparency, integrity and ownership practices for our industry.

We recognise that a sustainable and responsible investment strategy is key for long-term value creation for all stakeholders.

Systematica has a deep interest in incorporating Responsible Investing into its investment decision-making processes. As a scientific, data-driven company we have chosen to use internal resources to explore the best methods in applying responsible investing throughout our systems and operations.


We are committed to incorporating ESG considerations into our investment decision-making process.
Systematica has been a UN PRI Signatory since 2017, A+ score in 2020. (click here for criteria)
We have implemented and adhere to a ‘Responsible Investment Policy’. (click here to view)
As a Member of the Standard Board of Alternative Investments, we actively contribute to SBAI Responsible Investment working group.
Systematica Investments has registered with the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and is a public supporter of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).

Investment Process

Our Research team is required to take ESG considerations into account in the investment process at all times, while our Investment Committee reviews all components of the systematic investment strategies including these ESG considerations.
We continuously evaluate multiple sources of ESG raw and derived data to obtain the best possible indicators and incorporate into our systematic approach.

ESG Implementation

We have implemented ESG improvements into our existing products at a fund level.
• ESG integration with the addition of proprietary ESG factors in our Equity Market Neutral strategies
• Exclusion of issuers involved with landmines and cluster munitions


We have a fundamental focus to create and ensure a diverse working environment and culture.
Our firm wide culture encourages diversity, ownership and career development.
We are proud to employ a talented and diverse group of individuals, over 29 nationalities across 6 global offices.

Systematica Investments is a majority female owned company.

Policy Engagement

Systematica conducts engagement activities with industry bodies, the broad market and policy makers through collaborative platforms and public consultations. We have engaged with airlines through a collaborative engagement effort to get further climate disclosures, and we also signed the investor statement on coronavirus response. Additionally, we engaged with the US Administration by responding to the consultation on the Department of Labour proposed rulemaking for ESG in ERISA.  And with standard setters, we responded to the TCFD-MTT consultation. Our most recent regulation level engagement is around transparency rules for derivatives and shorts. In May 2022 we published a short note on a loophole that allows arbitrary greenwashing of L/S portfolios for EU taxonomy reporting (link). In June 2022 we responded to the IIGCC consultation on derivatives and shorts (exec summary and full response published at this link).

For additional disclosures relating to the EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation, please see the links below.